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At Brian and Brian at Pistotnik Law, our Wichita drunk driving collision attorneys understand how to help you settle issues related to injuries resulting from a collision with a drunk driver. When a wreck is the fault of a drunk driver, your case has potential to win a higher value because juries tend to award larger damages when the other driver was drunk.

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Drunk Drivers Are Typically at Fault

In Kansas, there are laws in place deterring people from driving while drunk. Unfortunately, individuals occasionally risk it anyway, putting not only themselves in harm’s way but innocent motorists and bystanders as well. When such reckless behavior results in an automotive accident, the intoxicated individual is generally at fault and compensation is likely to be granted to any other persons affected.

In addition to being held responsible for actual damages meant to punish and deter the drunk driver on trial, as well as other potential drunk drivers, drunk drivers may be held responsible for punitive damages. Unfortunately, punitive damages are not normally covered by insurance. We can help you assess your specific case to discover what compensation you are entitled to if you’ve been involved in a crash caused by a drunk driver.

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