Have you suffered a personal injury only to find that the pain is just beginning to set in after the incident? It may be time for you to take a closer look at your legal rights. Understanding what kind of action you should take and when can be a confusing process. However, consulting a qualified personal injury lawyer in Wichita is one way to protect your rights. With the help of Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices, you can explore the potential benefits of contacting a personal injury attorney, even if your injuries are delayed.

Can Pain From Injuries Be Delayed?

After suffering a personal injury, pain may not develop immediately. This is especially common after a car wreck. It can take hours, days, or even weeks for symptoms to appear. Here are some types of pain that can be delayed after a car crash:

  • Neck pain – Whiplash is a common injury caused by sudden and forceful head and neck movement during a car crash. It can cause stiffness, pain, and limited neck mobility.
  • Back pain – The force of a collision can also cause back pain, ranging from mild to severe. It can be caused by muscle strain or serious injuries like herniated discs.
  • Headaches – Headaches are a common symptom of whiplash, and they can be caused by the force of the impact or by a concussion.
  • Abdominal pain – Abdominal pain can develop from internal injuries like organ damage or internal bleeding. These issues may not be immediately apparent after a car crash.
  • Emotional pain – Car wrecks can be traumatic experiences, and it is not uncommon for survivors to experience emotional distress, like anxiety or PTSD, long after the collision.

It is essential to seek medical attention after a car crash, even if you feel fine initially. Delayed pain and injuries can have severe consequences if left untreated. Getting medical care is important both for your health and to document any injuries.

Is It Too Late to Call a Lawyer?

Even if your injuries are delayed, you can still contact an attorney to discuss your potential case. A personal injury lawyer in Wichita can help you navigate the legal process. In addition, they can work with you to gather evidence of your injuries, including medical records and bills, witness statements, and police reports. They can also help you negotiate with insurance companies and represent you in court, if necessary.

It is important to note that there are deadlines for filing personal injury claims.  known as the statute of limitations. In Kansas, you must file a personal injury claim within two years of the incident. Consult with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure you do not miss any important deadlines.

What to Do if Your Injuries Are Delayed

If you suffer a personal injury and develop delayed pain or injury, you should take several practical and legal actions. First, seek medical attention, as delayed pain can indicate serious injuries. Document everything related to the incident, including photos of any property damage or physical injuries, witness statements, police reports, and medical bills.

Next, contact a personal injury lawyer in Wichita as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Your lawyer from the Pistotnik Law Offices can help you understand your rights and assist you in filing a personal injury claim. An attorney can help you communicate with your insurance company and the insurance company of any other parties involved. They can also help you avoid making statements that could put your case in jeopardy.

To begin your recovery process, follow your doctor’s instructions for healing. And, attend all scheduled appointments to help ensure your injuries are properly treated and documented. Take care of your physical and emotional needs during this time. Rest, eat well, and seek support from loved ones or a mental health professional if needed. You should prioritize your health and well-being while your lawyer handles the legal processes on your behalf.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Wichita Is Here to Help

If you have been involved in a car crash or other incident and are experiencing delayed injuries, it is crucial to take action to protect both your physical health and legal rights. Contact a personal injury lawyer in Wichita to help you file a personal injury claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Pistotnick Law Offices are ready to help. Reach us at 316-689-8035 or by sending us a message. Don’t let more time pass without getting the legal help you need.