You may not worry about being injured on the job, but accidents are possible. From slipping in the hallway of a hospital or grocery store to exposure to fire or chemicals at a plant, you may experience serious injury. And if you or a loved one are injured, how do you make sure that you can support your family and cover your medical bills? This is where workers’ compensation insurance comes into play. If you have been injured while working, a workers’ compensation lawyer near Derby can help.

What Is Worker’s Compensation, and Why Work With a Lawyer?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance paid by an employer to protect their workers. Should an employee get sick or suffer an injury because of something at work, workers’ compensation ensures that they receive the medical and financial care they need. For example—working in construction may require the operation of heavy machinery. But without the right training on this heavy equipment, or if the machinery is not properly maintained, this can lead to a serious and even fatal injury. Workers’ compensation insurance may cover their prescriptions, travel to and from treatment, and any medical appliances they need.

If you suffer a work injury, you may have a valid workers’ compensation claim. However, insurance companies may be less than supportive when it comes to helping you get the coverage you deserve. If your company’s insurance denies your claim or greatly limits your coverage, you should seek the aid of a workers’ compensation lawyer near Derby! Here are four benefits of working with a professional team.

1. A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Near Derby Knows the Art of Negotiation

Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices understands personal injury law and how to negotiate with workers’ compensation insurance companies. Unfortunately, your employer’s insurance company may do its best to minimize your claim. Or, they may work up an offer that is less than you deserve and pressure you into accepting it. Working with a workers’ compensation lawyer near Derby can help you to avoid decreasing the amount of money you are owed. Let us handle negotiations with tricky companies and fight for the highest possible payout for workers’ compensation.

2. Your Lawyer Can Help With a Denied Claim

Was your claim denied? This can happen for a few reasons. An insurance company may insinuate that your accident was not directly related to your job. Or if you are unaware of the time you have to file your claim, insurance may deny your claim for waiting too long. If your employer’s insurance company denies your claim, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer near Derby as soon as possible to help you file an appeal.

3. If Your Case Goes to Court, a Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Defense

Your workers’ compensation claim may not be escalated to court—but if it is, you can benefit from the professional knowledge and skills of an attorney. During the time that your case goes to court, you may still be recovering from your injuries. Your lawyer can attend the court hearing on your behalf and represent you in front of a judge. Or if you can attend the trial, your attorney can help guide you on what information may or may not hurt your case.

4. Your Lawyer Can Help if You Have Other Pre-Existing Conditions 

Have you been diagnosed with a health condition before suffering your work injury? This condition may be used against you when it comes to filing your workers’ compensation claim. Pre-existing conditions may include arthritis, herniated discs, muscle strains, and more. While this does not disqualify you from receiving compensation, insurance companies may more quickly deny or decrease the amount of your claim under the assumption that your condition led to your injury. Choose a workers’ compensation lawyer near Derby to help differentiate between the two to maximize your claim.

Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Near Derby Today

After a work injury, don’t wait to contact a personal injury lawyer! The skilled and passionate attorneys at Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices are prepared to help. Give us a call at 316-689-8035 or send us a message to begin. Your injuries deserve the utmost care and the strongest defense. Let us help you navigate filing your claim, negotiating your settlement, or going to court for the money you are owed.