Work injuries can take place when you least expect them. Muscle sprain from lifting objects and falling at work are some of the most common sources of trauma. Suffering a workplace injury may entitle you to benefits under workers’ compensation. However, your company’s insurer may not make this a simple process. This is where a work injury attorney in Wichita can be of assistance! If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer, Brian and Brian at Pistotnik Law can help you to get the benefits you deserve.

Types of Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Before filing a claim with a work injury attorney, you should know whether or not your injury entitles you to workers’ compensation. A work-related injury, as the name implies, is an accidental injury or illness that you develop during your time of employment. This is common for those working in the construction industry, though it can happen in any position, like in the aircraft industry or medical field. What types of conditions fall under this category?

  • Physical trauma from falling objects on a construction site.
  • Twisting, spraining, or breaking an ankle on uneven flooring while at work.
  • Developing carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive stress or other repetitive injuries.
  • Lifting objects, or patients, or bending awkwardly.
  • Falling or tripping while working.

Workers’ compensation laws in the state of Kansas are considered “no fault,” meaning that an injured employee may be eligible for compensation without having to prove fault. Injuries that may not qualify include trauma suffered due to intoxication, starting a fight, or attempting personal harm. Many workers injured on the job may get denied by workers compensation insurers, but an attorney may be able to get around these defenses. 

If you have a possible case, you must report to your employer within 20 days of injury or illness. You must also file your case application before three years have passed. If you need assistance with your claim or need representation from a work injury attorney in Wichita, give Brian and Brian at Pisotnik Law a call. 

How Can a Work Injury Attorney in Wichita Help?

Workplace injuries can result in medical costs, travel expenses, and missed work time. Some serious injuries may even deem you unable to work. If your injuries are severe with life-altering issues, you can pursue a viable case for workers’ compensation through a settlement. Some less severe injuries still qualify you for workers’ compensation benefits. You may need the services of a work injury attorney if:

  • Your medical benefits were denied or your worker’s compensation was disputed
  • You require surgical intervention due to your injury
  • Your injury prevents you from working in any capacity

Hiring a work injury attorney in Wichita can help you to navigate the risks that could put your claim in jeopardy. Before beginning your case, an attorney can answer your questions to help guide you through the process or workers’ compensation. This gives you the best chance of obtaining the workers’ compensation that you deserve. If you pursue your case, your attorney will perform legal and medical research to maximize your recovery. Make sure to reach out as soon as possible to protect your claim from start to finish!

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