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We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee related to the amount of our attorney fees. Our guarantee is not intended to relate to the amount of the overall results obtained for any given case. Attorneys’ ethics rules specifically prohibit guaranteeing results of cases. Our guarantee is as follows:

We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no money upfront to hire us and we don’t send out regular bills to our clients for either our services or our expenses. We only get paid when you get paid. If there is no recovery, there is no charge for our services or our expenses.

In the event you are not satisfied with our services, to initiate the satisfaction guarantee, all you need to do is tell your attorney in writing that you would like to exercise the guarantee. You must do so prior to agreeing to finalize the settlement and signing the statement of settlement. We promise to work with you on our fee for services to make you satisfied. We want you to be satisfied as we want you to be a referral source in the future for your friends and family on future injury cases!

In the event you continue to not be satisfied after we attempt to work with you on the amount of our fee for services, we agree to schedule a hearing with a judge, at no expense to you, wherein a judge can review the case, review the claimed fee, as well as the ethics criteria for attorney fees pursuant to the Kansas Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.5, and you will be allowed to tell the judge about your concerns. Ultimately, the judge will determine the appropriate fee.

The Brian & Brian Promise


We take the cases that other attorneys may turn down because we believe that anyone who is injured deserves for their rights to be fought for.


When clients call Brian & Brian, they talk to Brian & Brian. From start to finish, clients talk directly to an attorney.


With over 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Brian & Brian at Pistotnik Law know how to get the maximum results for their clients.

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