Because there are an estimated 8.6 million motorcycles on the roads, there’s a guarantee that you will drive alongside motorcyclists eventually. There’s also the chance for an accident. But the thing is, being in a motorcycle accident can be a traumatic experience for all parties involved. Motorcycle accidents can leave riders with catastrophic injuries, both mentally and physically. Knowing what to do in the seconds after a motorcycle accident can prevent further injury and loss. 

First, regardless of who caused the crash, you must take care of your health. The high cost of hospitalization and doctor’s visits discourages many drivers involved in car accidents from seeking medical treatment. Seek proper medical treatment, even if you’re worried about your ability to pay for the resulting medical bills. If you aren’t at fault for the crash, a motorcycle accident attorney will likely be able to recover the costs of your medical bills. 

Keep Records 

In the event that you were hurt at the other party’s fault, you would need to file a claim with the other party’s insurer. Any compensation you receive will likely come from their insurance, but you will have to prove everything first. This includes the fact you were actually injured, the cost of your medical treatment, and any other expenses for which you are seeking compensation. We don’t advise dealing with the insurance companies yourself. This is due to the fact insurance adjusters try to reduce your medical bills, meaning they will offer to pay only a portion of the bill. It’s their job to pay as little money as possible to resolve your claim. The right Wichita motorcycle accident attorney ensures this doesn’t happen.

Consult With a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Medical treatment required for motorcycle accident victims is often very costly. A motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help you with your claim before you undergo very expensive procedures. A simple phone call may give you some insight into how the procedure will affect your case. It might also give you some insight into whether the bill is likely to be paid by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. That’s why Brian & Brian at the Pistotnik law offices advises you to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney shortly after your motorcycle accident. 

Do You Need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Whether or not you hire a lawyer, the information you gain from talking with a personal injury attorney can be invaluable. So if you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident, contact Brian & Brian at Pistotnik Law to help settle your case. If you need a motorcycle accident attorney in Wichita or the surrounding areas, look no further. Contact the motorcycle accident attorney in Wichita with over 50 years of combined experience. The attorneys at Brian & Brian at Pistotnik Law know how to get the maximum results for their clients. Have any worries? Just check out what our past clients have to say about us! So, if you’re looking for a motorcycle accident attorney in Wichita or the surrounding areas, give us a call or contact us today!