A dog bite injury can lead to expensive medical bills, hospitalization, and emotional distress, among other losses. In fact, studies show that nearly 1,000 individuals seek emergency care for dog bite injuries each day in the United States. Those injured can pursue a dog bite injury claim to recover their losses. But, working with the guilty party’s insurance company is not an easy task. When dealing with the complexities of a dog bite case, an experienced Wichita dog bite lawyer like an expert from Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices knows just how to help! Here is why you should get in touch with us quickly after your injury.

How a Wichita Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help Your Case

Each year, there are an estimated 4.4 million people injured in the U.S. by dog bites. And, most of these cases call for medical attention. Your time, emotional energy, and financial losses can be recovered through legal action. But if you pursue a dog bite injury claim, you may face difficulties from the dog owner’s insurance company. From downplaying your injuries to offering you a much lower settlement than you deserve, you may be taken advantage of by these insurance adjusters. But by working with an experienced dog bite lawyer, you can find the legal guidance and protection you need to recover your damages! Your lawyer can assist by:

  • Gathering important evidence and eyewitness accounts
  • Investigating the dog owner and past behavior of the dog
  • Communicating with the insurance company for fair compensation

Whether you have been directly injured by the animal or sustained injuries after being frightened by the dog, a Wichita dog bite lawyer gives you the defense and support you need.

If you are bitten by a dog or injured in an encounter with an aggressive pet, you may not know what to do first. Start by getting the contact information of the dog owner and a photo of your injuries. Then, seek medical treatment immediately. Not only does this take care of your wounds, but it also makes sure that your accident is officially documented. Call animal control services as well to make sure there is a record of the aggressive dog and to file an injury report. Then, reach out to us at the Pistotnik Law Offices to handle communication with the insurance company.

How Can Dog Owners Prevent a Dog Bite Case?

As a dog owner, there are a few measures you can take to prevent a possible dog bite injury. With training, the proper tools, and insurance, you can help to avoid future complications. Use these tips to enhance the safety and security of your animal as well as those around your animal.

  • Make sure that your yard is fenced with sturdy, tall material to prevent your dog from getting out.
  • If possible, train your dog to become accustomed to strangers and avoid aggressive behavior.
  • When going for a walk, keep your dog securely leashed.
  • Discuss the possibility of dog bites with your insurance provider to better understand your coverage.

While you can’t anticipate a dog bite injury, you can focus on preventative measures now to avoid injury and legal issues.

Reach Out to an Experienced Dog Bite Attorney Today

If you have been injured by a dog bite, an experienced Wichita dog bite lawyer can come to your aid. Let us help you understand the details of your case and communicate with insurance companies on your behalf. With our assistance, we can increase your chances of settling your claim with the best possible outcome. Give us a call at 316-689-8035 or reach out to us online. Your initial consultation is completely free of cost and obligation, so make sure to contact us as soon as possible to support your case!