After experiencing loss, injury, and emotional distress from a car accident, it is daunting to face the confusion of filing a claim. This is where a professional car accident lawyer in Wichita can help you increase your chances of success. Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices specializes in personal injury lawsuits, including car accident settlements. Choose a law office with over 50 years of experience and a passion for helping clients receive the compensation they deserve. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, here are five reasons why a professional lawyer can help you receive your fair settlement in Wichita.

1. Your Lawyer Can Assess Damages Seen and Unseen

While pursuing an auto accident claim can cover the damages to your vehicle, your compensation should cover more than just the cosmetic. You may suffer from physical injuries following your collision and have large medical bills. But aside from visible issues, you may also deserve payment for non-physical damage. An injury can cost you time off work, leading to lost wages. Or, you may have emotional distress following a harrowing car crash. After a car accident, an auto accident lawyer can help to ensure that all forms of damage, including the emotional, are compensated for.

2. A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Handle Insurance Companies

After your accident, you must immediately file your claim with your insurance company. But if you decide to go up against your insurance company alone, they may back you into a much lower settlement than you deserve. Unfortunately, your just compensation is not the insurance company’s priority. In actuality, they are more concerned with their profit. With legal support from a car accident lawyer in Wichita, you can improve your chances of getting the appropriate amount of compensation for your claim.

3. Your Attorney Can Ensure Your Claim Is Filed Properly

Filing your claim can come with many complicated facets. This includes gathering evidence, understanding whether or not you can be held liable for damage, and ensuring that all documentation is filed correctly. This is why you should contact a car accident lawyer in Wichita as soon as possible following your collision. Your experienced attorney can help you to gather evidence, determine if you can be held at fault for the accident, and make sure that all information is in place to build a valid claim. At Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices, we’ll take care of the details while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

4. Your Lawyer Can Help You Understand Your Settlement Options

A car collision case does not often require a court settlement. Instead, the insurance company or the negligent party will offer compensation for your losses. But as we stated earlier, insurance companies do not regularly have the victim’s best interest in mind. This may mean that the settlement offered is much lower than what you deserve for your physical and emotional distress. Don’t accept less than you should. Let your car accident lawyer study the details of your case and determine the proper compensation for your losses. They can help you to understand your options and fight for a fair settlement.

5. A Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita Can Represent You in Court

Should your case go to court, you face a costly, exhausting battle. An experienced car accident lawyer will know how to handle the stress of a Wichita court setting and be ready to go up against the insurance company or guilty party. Rather than juggling documentation in a high-tension setting, your attorney can present your evidence and claim on your behalf. This will strengthen your possibility of receiving justice for your case.

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