If you have been injured in a car collision, you deserve compensation for mental, physical, and emotional losses. With a successful car accident claim, you can receive a settlement for the suffering or damages incurred. But, the process isn’t simple when it comes to working with the responsible party’s insurance company. This is where a car accident lawyer in Wichita can help! Let the experienced attorneys at Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices handle the stress of gathering evidence and conversing with witnesses and the insurance company. If you are questioning whether you should hire a car accident lawyer, consider these benefits.

An Attorney Knows Your Rights

Do you know that there is a time limit for filing your car accident claim? If you wait longer than your allotted two years to file your claim, your case will be thrown out. But without a full understanding of your rights and your statute of limitations, it can be easy to make mistakes or miss timeframes that can damage your claim. The right experienced car accident lawyer in Wichita is well-versed in the procedures you should follow to recover the compensation you deserve. Just make sure to contact us as soon as possible after your claim to not waste any valuable time!

A Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita Can Determine the Worth of Your Claim

After a car accident, the responsible party’s insurance company may try to quickly settle your case. This may result in a low payout, or the insurance company may attempt to invalidate your claim. Our car accident lawyers at the Pistotnik Law Offices in Wichita can help you know exactly what you are owed in compensation. Not only do you deserve to recover lost funds on repairs, but your settlement should also cover medical bills, lost wages, and emotional stress. Let us help you maximize your claim and keep you from being taken advantage of!

Your Attorney Can Help You Avoid Self-Incrimination

Even if you are not at fault for the collision, what you say can be used against you in a claim. Giving a statement or signing papers without legal advice can result in a much lower settlement than you are owed. Before talking to the insurance company, speak with a legal professional.

What you don’t say or do can also hurt your claims process. If you fail to contact the police following your accident, don’t gather eyewitness contact information, or don’t seek medical attention, this can lead the insurance company to question your validity. Without the right evidence and records, the opposing party can find holes in your claim. Let an experienced car accident lawyer from our firm in Wichita gather the evidence you need and guide you on what might hurt your case.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Wichita Today

You deserve fair compensation for your losses after a car accident. And with the help of our expert car accident lawyers in Wichita, you can recover what you deserve. Brian & Brian Pistotnik Law Offices has over 50 years of combined experience in personal injury law. Let us confidently and passionately tackle your car accident claim. We would love to speak with you in a free consultation to learn more about the details of your case. Call us at 316-215-7717, or send us a message to begin. Our attorneys are prepared to help you understand your rights and alleviate your stress after the accident!