Our clients love us.

We’ve handled thousands of auto and large truck accident cases and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.
If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

I really love how well your office communicates and lets clients know what to do!

M. Rogers

Brian worked to get me the most he could with the limits of the insurance and Kansas law.

R. Peak

Brian & Phyllis were extremely kind and understanding. I have never been in this situation before. He was very good about walking me through everything. The response time when I did have a question was extremely fast and reassuring.

A. Davied

I was satisfied with my services received by Pistotnik Law offices because they were very timely in responding to any questions over the phone and they kept me very well informed of my case as it was happening.

A. King

They were professional – when I asked for info via email, I received a response.

S. Scheffer

I got what I needed.

R. Bryan

Pistotnik was very helpful and knowledgeable on matters concerning car wrecks. I was very pleased with their work and if I ever need an accident lawyer I will without a doubt be coming back!

M. Ford

They work with you to make sure you are taken care of on all sides not just there side. And when they see you outside their office it’s as if they are still representing you.

L. Swartz

They were excellent in moving on with our case quickly and they also kept in touch with me on everything and updates.

J. Mickle

Brian did a great job!

T. McDonald

Very understanding, kept in close contact with me every step of the way, everything was explained to me.

C. Goodwin

Mr. Pistotnik and his office were the best people I have had the opportunity of meeting. They were very through on what they set out to accomplish. If I ever need their services again, I will not hesitate to call upon them.

B. Kizzie

I like the honesty and appreciated the time that they took to explain everything with detail and their care with everything. I definitively will recommend them to relatives and friends because they are good attorneys.

J. Castaneda

I’m very happy with Brian’s work, and I will recommend him to my friends.

I. Hernandez

I am very happy with Brian and Phyllis. They were very professional and I feel that they handled my case efficiently and ensured a good outcome. Brian was very informative and Phyllis was very helpful and informative as well. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family.

C. Williams

Every question was answered very promptly. I always got a call back, and the attorney was always available to answer my questions.

J. Contreres

He kept me updated on everything that was going on, and was very friendly and understanding. He would not give up and I’m very pleased.

T. Coleman

They explained everything in a way we understood. They were fast, efficient, and caring. We hardly had to do anything, they took care of it all and we so appreciate Brian and his secretary/assistant Phyllis.

J. Boyle

Brian was very attentive to the complexities of this case and was on top of all the details from the very beginning.

B. Barrett

Pistotnik got me what I was entitled to. They kept me up to date on how my case was coming a long.

A. Atkinson

Brian is the best. He provided me with the best advice.

K. Alexander

The Pistotnik Law Offices made sure that I got the settlement that I deserved.

K. Adams

They worked with me in every way possible. They answered any questions that arouse during all aspects of my case.

S. Denman

During a tragic time in our life, Brian and his staff treated us with kindness and respect to hep us through this tragedy.

J. Edwards

You did a good job of keeping me informed of what was happening. I was also happy with the quick results.

T. Roe

Very good about answering questions timely.

R. Mills

Brian was great at settling and making my reimbursement checks. He handled this case very well and I am satisfied.

M. McClellan

Brian, Phyllis, and his office took care of most everything. When we didn’t get a good first offer, he re-negotiated everything and fought hard to get me a good settlement.

K. Gordon

I was very impressed on how fast and good you guys did your job, kept me posted, and stayed on top of everything. Always able to answer any of my questions.

I. Gonzales

Brian was a very understanding good lawyer who took care of me in a timely manner.

C. Thomspon

I definitely will be recommending them to my friends. My mom was very happy with them and now I’m feeling the same.

F. Tejada-Jacinto

Prompt service, explained everything in detail, and friendly staff.

T. Taylor

Prompt in dealing with our case.

M. Dunn

The availability and promptness of the staff in answering my questions, helped get the case settled in a timely manner.

S. Dunn

Professional service provided by the staff.

S. Dunn

I was satisfied and like your firm because everyone was nice, efficient and professional. Handled my case quickly.

D. Edmiston

I am completely satisfied with the service I received at Pistotnik Law Office. I was kept informed on all my options from start to finish.

S. Smallwood

Staff was very nice and willing to do all they could for my case. I would definitely recommend their law office to anyone. Thanks very much to all the wonderful staff.

M. Marquez

Pistotnik Law Firm worked hard to settle my claim. Very pleased.

F. Masen

Fast and forward about what’s happening.

M. Chrisman

If you want what you deserve, peace, money, and satisfaction, call Pistotnik Law firm. I call them the professionals with a “Heart” as well as intelligent. I am satisfied. I am smiling.

L. Walker

Brian was friendly and always explained things so I understood exactly what was going on. Phyllis was very friendly and always returned any messages I left very quickly. Would choose Pistotnik Law Firm again if ever in the need.

L. Baker

My accident had me out of work and very bruised, along with with my kids taking off work, took a toll financially and because of Pistotnik, I was able to not worry about my medical bills as well and my financial set back.

K. Smitley

Brian Collignon and his assistant Kim Cole treated my wife and I amazingly during the whole process. They answered our questions thoroughly and stood beside us step by step throughout all of my treatment. They made us feel human and worked hard to help us recover our losses. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done!

S. Gustason

My husband had a very bad car accident, he was in the hospital for a week. Thanks for Brian and Pistotnik Law Office, we wouldn’t know what to do with all the hospital bills.

C. Quintana

They did a great job and told me about all aspects of settling or fighting and going to court. He (Brian) kept me informed. And I thank you Brian. Yes, I will share my experience that I had with you firm. Thank you.

P. Champion

They were very understanding and helped me a lot.

M. Allen

Phillis was very helpful and caring. Brian was always upfront and honest.

B. Stubby

They got in there and did their job.

D. Noland

Brian handled all the calls and bills, allowing me heal hassle-free. He was able to get most of my bills reduced and got me more money in the end.

A. Matthews

You all did great. You tried to get more, but they had their own policy rate. I like you all Pistotnik Law Offices. Great job.

C. Martin

Very nice and courteous fast service. Would recommend any to you.

L. Lockwood

The fact that your firm made me feel like you actually cared about my case made me feel like I had someone in my corner fighting for my rights. Thank you for all your help.

D. Lieberman

They got what needed to be done!

H. Doss

You guys made it a top priority to make me feel like someone cared.

D. Cole

Brian was on point with everything I needed help with.

M. Urzua

The best, fast, and friendly. Kim and Brian made everything easier for me! It was just like the commercial said except Mr. C got the bull by the horns!

D. Dlinger

I’m very satisfied in the way my case was handled. Pistotnik Law Firm is awesome!

J. Aguire

He (Brian Collignon) explained everything in detail and easy to understand. It didn’t take very long to get my settlement. I am pleased.

S. Zehr

When no other law offices would talk to me Brian stepped right in and got done what needed to be done. Grateful for his help in getting me better.

K. Nicholson

Brian Pistotnik and Pistotnik Law Offices did an excellent job in obtaining settlement for the auto accident I was involved in where the person responsible had no insurance.

J. Babcock

Brian Pistotnik worked hard for what was owed to me and helped me with every step of this process. I am very thankful for all his hard work and dedication to my case.

M. Ponse

Thank you for being an awesome lawyer. If I need anyone again I’ll be going to Pistotnik Law Offices and asking for you [Brian Collignon]. You helped my dream come true, I bought my dream house. Thank you, I couldn’t be more happy.

S. Jackson