Motorcycle Wreck

Motorcyclists have the same rights to the road as any other motor vehicle. As we all know, motorists don’t always see motorcycles. Worse yet, people’s perception of motorcyclists is skewed. The loud engine noises from motorcycles and the smaller size of the vehicle, when compared to cars or trucks, makes it appear that motorcycles are traveling faster than they actually are. Many people have preconceived ideas that motorcyclists are traveling fast and reckless. However, when a motorcycle operator is operating the vehicle and obeying the Rules of the Road, they have the same rights as anyone else. They have the right to assume other motor vehicles will obey the law. This includes keeping a proper lookout for motorcycles and yielding right of way to the motorcycle when circumstances require yielding right of way to any vehicle.

Kansas comparative fault laws apply to motorcyclists and it is common for insurance companies to try and place blame on the motorcyclist, even when the motorcyclist has obeyed all the laws. The try to insinuate there is a higher standard of care for the motorcycle operator as compared to the driver of the car or truck. That is not the case. If the motorcycle operator keeps a proper lookout, maintains control of the motorcycle, is traveling at an appropriate speed, then they are not comparatively at fault simply for being on a motorcycle. Getting legal representation is crucial to protect your rights from these types of arguments from insurance companies.

Motorcycle riders that are involved in collisions typically have much worse injuries than typical car wrecks, due to obvious reasons. The motorcyclist is typically ejected or thrown onto the striking vehicle and/or thrown to the pavement. Unlike a car wreck, the motorcycle rider is not protected by air bags and a frame of a vehicle. Fractured bones and abrasions/road rash are common when a wreck occurs. Worse yet, many motorcyclists die each year as a result of collisions that are caused by the negligence of car or truck operators. Amputation of limbs, severe head injuries, loss of vital organs, etc. are common severe injuries due to these collisions.

Our office has helped numerous victims of motorcycle wrecks and we fully understand the severe nature of these collisions. It is very important to have legal representation from knowledgeable and experienced lawyers to properly handle these cases and to get full compensation for these, often, horrific injuries.

Due to the higher incidence of collisions involving motorcyclists, it is important to have higher insurance coverage on your motorcycle. Your own coverage can protect you with the underinsured motorist coverage to get a full recovery for your losses and damages. Due to the often severe injuries of motorcyclists, it is recommended to purchase the highest underinsured motorist coverage you can afford, as this is inexpensive protection that can provide strong protection, in the event of a collision.

We can help you with your claims from a motorcycle wreck! These cases have similarities to car wrecks and there are typically three cases, the property damage case, the no fault Personal Injury Protection case, and the bodily injury liability case against the negligent motorist and their insurer. Kansas law does not require the Personal Injury Protection benefits, and some motorcyclists sign a written rejection of these coverages when the insurance is purchased. Our office can provide important advice to help you get the maximum recovery and direct you on the steps that need to be taken to get you a complete financial recovery. These cases can be ruined and the case value greatly diminished if you talk to the insurance companies or give a tape recorded statement. Don’t talk to the insurance companies!! Let us help you and let us protect you from the insurance companies. THE INITIAL CONSULTATION WITH THE TWO BRIANS AT THE ORIGINAL PISTOTNIK LAW OFFICES IS ALWAYS FREE AND WE CHARGE NOTHING UP FRONT. NO RECOVERY, NO CHARGE TO YOU WHATSOEVER!