Kansas Auto Accident Attorneys for Injury Victims

Are you having a difficult time deciding which attorney to hire for your auto accident injury in Kansas?

Brian and Brian at Pistotnik Law Offices are the absolute right choice.  Why?  Brian Pistotnik has been successfully helping injury victims in auto accidents since 1987.  Brian  speaks to you personally without dishing you off to a legal secretary or staff.  Other lawyers have paralegals or even former insurance adjusters that spend time talking to clients, and other lawyers may only talk to you if you have the "big case".  Not Brian Pistotnik.  He treats every client,  regardless of case value, with respect and he takes the time to make the client feel welcome and to make sure the client understands the process of pursuing a car wreck claim.  Brian Pistotnik has successfully handled hundreds of cases each year for 28 years.  The ability to properly handle a case requires not only years of experience, but a clear understanding of the facts of each case and an understanding of the client's damages is essential for a full recovery of damages.  If the attorney doesn't talk to you or know what you are  going through, the attorney can't adequately relay what your case is all about to the insurance company or to a jury.  If you only talk with staff, the attorney won't know what your case is really about.  I will give you the time and dedication necessary to handle your case.  I care about my clients and their cases.

Brian Collignon has handled injury cases for 15 years and also has the knowledge, honesty, and integrity to properly handle any large or small case.  He knows the insurance companies' tactics and tricks.  He has the common sense, intelligence, and logic to deserve respect from insurance companies and opposing lawyers, so that they know "We mean business!"

Brian and Brian are extremely hard  working and are willing to make arrangements to help on your car wreck case, no matter how busy your schedule.  We can come see you in person; we can take on cases by telephone conference, or meet you at the hospital or in person at our offices at 2831 E. Central, in Wichita.  We are willing to travel anywhere in Kansas to take on your case and to provide FREE consultations.  We are eager to help with your case.  WE ARE SMART AND AGGRESSIVE.    Call for a free consultation. THERE IS NO MONEY REQUIRED UP FRONT.  Even if other lawyers have turned your case down, give us a try!  You will be happy you did!

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