Five Tips for Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why hire a personal injury lawyer?

The answer is simple: to protect yourself and to maximize the value of your case.  Insurance companies spend enormous money training their staff (insurance adjusters) in how to try to limit their losses.  These trained professionals know many ways to get information from you that hurts you and your case.  The insurance companies have done studies comparing settlements for people without personal injury lawyers to settlements for people with personal injury lawyers and these studies verify much better settlements when you have an injury lawyer assisting!

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury lawyers are trained professionals working on your side!  We have knowledge and experience to protect you from the insurance company tactics.  We have knowledge and experience to help you maximize your case value.  We don’t charge any money up front, so you can afford to get help without incurring any initial expense. Personal injury lawyers act as a barrier to the insurance company so that you don’t get taken advantage from.

How to Hire the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

With so many ads for attorneys it is a difficult task to find the best personal injury lawyer for you. When you have been injured or in an auto accident, truck wreck, motorcycle wreck, bike wreck, or struck as a pedestrian, you want sound advice fast so that you know what to do to handle property damage issues, personal injury protection issues, liability issues, and uninsured or underinsured motorist issues. 

You want a reliable personal injury attorney with many years of experience and a proven track record of success.  You want a hard working personal injury attorney who you can talk to who is available and who responds to calls and emails.  You want a personal injury attorney who is respected by the insurance companies and opposing attorneys.  You want a personal injury attorney who has great reviews from prior clients and who prior clients refer their friends to.

Choose a Lawyer that practices Personal Injury Law Exclusively

Many lawyers handle multiple areas of practice and don’t have the specialized knowledge and experience to best handle your auto accident, truck wreck, motorcycle wreck, bike wreck, or pedestrian versus car wreck.  Having a personal injury attorney that exclusively handles injury claims and injury cases will get you a better result due to the specialized training and experience and the knowledge that comes from decades of handling similar issues involved in hundreds of prior personal injury cases. 

Be careful to get a lawyer instead of a lawyer that hands you off to a case manager or prior insurance adjuster.  Be careful to get the lawyer with experience instead of getting handed down to an attorney with just a few years of experience.

Select an Attorney with a Proven History of Winning Settlements

At Brian and Brian, there is a proven history of winning settlements on auto accident cases, truck wreck cases, motorcycle wreck cases, bike wreck cases, and pedestrian cases.  Brian Pistotnik has 31 years of proven history of winning settlements and Brian Collignon has 18 years of proven history of winning settlements.  Each and every year hundreds of injury victims get paid due to this winning history.  There are very few personal injury lawyers in Wichita or Kansas with the successful track record of the TWO BRIANS.  Experience pays!

Hire a Lawyer that is a Member of Local/National Trial Lawyer Associations

Brian Pistotnik and Brian Collignon are proud members of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association and have been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” and recognized by the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys as “10 Best Attorneys”.  Also members of the Wichita Bar Association, and both have received many other accolades and recognition's including “Client Distinction Award”, “Best Attorneys in Kansas” and “Best Lawyer” from other organizations.  Get a personal injury lawyer with a great reputation!

Check Your Personal Injury Attorney’s Reviews

Your personal injury attorney has been reviewed on the internet.  Some attorney’s websites have client reviews.  Reviews can be seen on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Avvo, Yahoo, and many other online locations.  Brian and Brian have some of the best reviews for personal injury lawyers in Wichita and in Kansas.  The excellent five star reviews for Brian and Brian confirm a great reputation amongst prior clients and their experience and great reputation amongst past personal injury clients that have received quality legal services on their auto accident cases, truck wreck cases, motorcycle wreck cases, bike wreck cases, and pedestrian cases.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer with Trial Experience

It is amazing how many attorneys claiming to be personal injury lawyers have little to no trial experience.  The largest personal injury law firm in Kansas, whose identity won’t be disclosed, has more than several lawyers who have little to no trial experience.  The other largest advertising firm in Wichita has lawyers working on cases who have never won a personal injury trial.  Worse yet, many clients at other personal injury firms have their cases handled by “case managers” who don’t even have the ability to act as a lawyer.  They are overseen by lawyers who have almost no real knowledge of the details and intricate facts of the injured person’s case.  Brian Pistotnik and Brian Collignon have years of real trial experience! We know our clients and know how the details and intricate facts of each case will affect those cases.

Contact the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Wichita

Brian and Brian are the best personal injury lawyers in Wichita for your case if you are wanting an experienced lawyer that exclusively handles personal injury cases, if you are wanting a lawyer with a proven history of winning settlements, if you are wanting a reputable reliable attorney who is connected with the trial lawyers’ associations, if you are wanting a five star reviewed attorney that prior clients’ recommend.  Call (316) 215-7717 today!